Baltimore skyline, tall shiny buildings against blue sky and reflective water

Baltimore National Aquarium

I'm a big fan of aquariums, but hadn't been back to the National Aquarium in Baltimore for years. It was time for a visit. On the way there, I wondered to myself, will the megalodon jaws at the entrance be as big as I remember? 

Megalodon teeth on display with two children standing inside

I also wondered if the seahorses would still seem as magical. Would the Amazon rainforest seem as huge and impressive as it did in my memories? And of the course the kids hadn’t been there in recent memory. I wondered which exhibits and animals would they gravitate towards.

Did you know? 

  • Seahorses are fish
  • Seahorses have an exoskeleton
  • Female seahorses transfer eggs to the male’s pouch, which he then fertilizes and carries to term
  • Smaller species can carry from 50 to 150 eggs, and larger species can carry up to 1500
  • Their contractions can last up to twelve hours!

We saw so many amazing exhibits! Here are some highlights:


Snake neck turtle

Freshwater crocodile 



Electric knifefish 

Pacific kelp forest 

Amazonian rain forest 



    The Australian Jungle was our favorite exhibit, due to the magnificent installation of steep rock faces, waterfalls, vines and tropical birds above in the canopy, and the aquariums below. The immersive soundscape really conveyed the sense of being in a rainforest. The Aboriginal rock paintings were an excellent addition to the exhibit. 

    "Rock Paintings" sign mounted on stone wall with rock paintings

    Main Takeaway

    If you’re considering a trip to the Mid-Atlantic Region, I would highly recommend taking at least a day to visit this magnificent collection. I barely touched on the exhibits, and there are many that we didn’t have time to cover in a single day. It’s a must see. 

    Tips and tricks

    I recommend going during the week to avoid the worst crowds. And traffic on I-95 (northbound) is always horrendous. Side roads are a gentler, calmer driving experience for me, particularly when driving for hours with little ones. 

    PS: The view from the cafe isn’t bad either

    Baltimore Harbor skyline, skyscrapers along water

    Enjoy the journey! There’s no place like Earth!™


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