About Us

ShopBioDiversity gifts and accessories are for nature lovers and conservation enthusiasts who want ecologically themed products that give back to the environment, and promote learning. Each animal or plant themed gift comes with an educational collectors card. Unlike other countertop gifts, ShopBioDiversity is designed with a passionate attention to detail, and donates a minimum of 1% of proceeds to conservation efforts annually.

Our Story

ShopBioDiversity was born out of a series of conversations around the dinner table, and the halls of science museums, and zoos, and aquariums... at the playgrounds and parks and beaches that our family frequents near our home in Philadelphia, and while traveling. We spend a lot of time in nature, and I actually started a company over a decade ago (Penelope's Den Co.) which has another brand (Rebellious Trees) inspired by my love of traveling and nature. 

But this specific project started as an effort to capture the love and excitement we felt when discovering new and amazing creatures, and a desire to protect them. I remember one poignant conversation with my son Benny, who must have been about 9 or 10 years old at the time. Over breakfast one morning, he said, "Mom, I'm really worried about the polar bears." My heart sank, because, like most of us, I know all too well what's happening to their habitat, and I often feel so much grief and frustration, and anger over my powerlessness. But as I thought more and more about where my passions and interests lie, I began to recognize ways that I could make a difference. Ways that I could lend my voice and skills, to join with others who are already leading by fantastic example.  

And so, ShopBioDiversity was born, with the mission to spread joy, a love of knowledge, and a drive to support organizations who are doing front line work with conservation. We are so delighted to partner with One Percent for the Planet starting in 2022 to give back, and to model what stewardship and accountability can look like for all of us.